About the Author

about the author

Hilda Sterner was born in Baghdad, Iraq and lived there with her parents and six siblings until the age of nine. Her family moved to the United States in 1976 and made Chicago their home. 


In 1984, Hilda graduated from High School and enlisted in the United States Navy, where she was stationed in San Diego on the USS Acadia. After her honorable discharge in 1988, Hilda was hired by The San Diego Sheriff's Department as a Deputy Sheriff. In 1995, Hilda was forced to retire due to a work-related back injury. 


While a Deputy, Hilda met and fell in love with her husband Scott. They were married in 1992, and have two wonderful children. 


Hilda published Mom's Authentic Assyrian Recipes cookbook in 2008 in honor of her mom, Najiba Mirza, who lost her fight wtih breast cancer the following year.