meet mom

meet momma

Everyone who knew my mom would testify to the fact that she was an awesome cook. She never received any formal training, and did not hold any fancy degrees, yet she mastered the art of cooking. She did not own a cookbook, or any measuring spoons for that matter. Everything she cooked was filed away in her amazing brain! Using a handful of this, and a pinch of that, she skillfully created her masterpiece cuisine time and time again.


My mother passed on the love of cooking to all of her daughters, but unfortunately, no written recipes. It’s for this reason that I decided to shadow my mom, and learn from her, as she prepared these delicious meals. Be assured, I did not let her add that handful of rice, or pinch of allspice until it passed through my measuring cup or spoon. Occasionally, my mom would try to sneak in one more ingredient when my back was if not wanting to disclose the “complete” recipe. It could be argued that she was not quite ready to share those family secrets with the world, or perhaps it’s because she knew that ingredients can vary and adjustments are sometimes necessary to fine tune the desired outcome. 


What my mother did not realize is that no matter how hard we try; our food will never equal hers. There is an enigmatic ingredient that only she could add. Maybe it was her love of cooking, the love for her family, or perhaps a special blessing from God that made everything she cooked taste so wonderful. Whatever her secrets were, these recipes are the result of countless hours spent watching her cook, writing everything down, and testing the recipes for consistency. I hope you and your family will enjoy these delicious dishes as much as our family does!